LGBT-training and inclusion

We provide training and education on LGBT-inclusion for large to medium-sized businesses with our Strategic Outcome programme. It is always tailor-made for your specific needs and possibilities and includes training, workshops, policy, policy-implementation and corporate culture communication.
This can also be integrated in external communication solutions and employment branding.

Marketing and Communication

We give you the possibility to make your brand visible and attractive to LGBT-consumers, from your region to across the world, via media, social media and numerous communication strategies. We are happy to be able a network of communication that can connect Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Travel and Tourism

Over the years we have gained in-depth experience working with the tourism sector and can offer special destination-development solutions, destination marketing and our Strategic Outcome concept designed for the hotel-industry. All in order to make your destination or hotel to have the best competitive advantage to attract the LGBT-tourism segment.


Our research makes it possible to compare markets in America with Europe as well as Asia, where we have done LGBT market and consumer research in, for example, China for 6 consecutive years.

Market Presentations

In order to inform or create interest we do market-presentations that include:
Presentations have been performed at many locations around the world, on trade-fairs and conventions such as Chicago, ITB Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin, Matka, Finland, TUR, Gothenburg, and numerous other countries.