MB Market Makers is an international company specialised in marketing, business development and market-oriented sensitivity training towards the LGBT-market. We provide regional and global solutions and are currently the only company capable of ensuring a bridgehead between North America, Europe and Asia with our Strategic Outcome concept.

The core of our work is to hold a market-oriented view on the LGBT-segment. Companies and destinations who wish to market themselves towards this group can do so profitable, however that will not come without living up to certain criteria.

Through our extended experience, network, and partners, we can help you reach up to 30 million LGBT consumers around the globe, including China, where we have over 6 years of experience performing market- and consumer-based research in order to better understand and capitalize on this growing segment.

MB Market Makers can offer you:

  • Market and company analysis of the LGBT-segment.
  • Strategic LGBT marketing plan.
  • Product development.
  • Employer branding, including corporate culture, policy implementation and education.
  • Destination branding.
  • Contact with press and public relations plan.
  • Event management, including FAM trips.
  • LGBT-accreditation.

Over the years we have worked with anything from global corporations to small business associations as well as banks and insurance companies. All our solutions are tailor-made to fit our costumer’s needs.